We don't like rules any more than the next guy, but we have found a few things which make the tattooing experience better for everyone.


Choosing a Tattooer

Every tattooer draws and approaches each tattoo differently. The most important step in getting a great tattoo that you are going to love is choosing a tattooer whose style is appealing to you.  Reviewing a tattooers portfolio will help you  determine if they are a good fit for you. It is unlikely that the portfolio will have the exact tattoo that you are looking for, so instead you should determine if the tattooers previous works are appealing to you.  For instance, if you are searching for someone to do a photorealistic tattoo and there is no such work represented in their portfolio, it is likely that they either don't do this style, or they don't do it frequently.  Likewise, if their portfolio is all photorealistic, it probably wouldn't make sense to ask them to do an American Traditional tattoo.  The best way to get a good tattoo is be comfortable with the tattooers previous work, and let them create the best tattoo for you with minimal constraints. 



While we pride ourselves in being a laid back, family-loving tattoo shop, we do ask that you do not bring children with you when coming into the shop. 


Friends and Family

While friends and family are welcome, state law does not allow them to be in the same room as those getting tattooed, meaning they will have to stay in the waiting room.  Please keep in mind that our waiting room is not very big, so large groups do not work well. 



In order to give you the most accurate estimate we need to go over the details of your tattoo and be able to visualize details such as placement, size, fit and design among other things. Therefore all pricing estimates are done in person at the shop. We will not be able to give you a price for a tattoo over the phone or through e-mail. 


Walk Ins

We work on a walk in basis.  We do walk ins every day and are first come first served. 



At this time we do not offer appointments.